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Maurice Smith a.k.a. RizSMITH Started his musical journey in Springfield Illinois as a Sousaphone player in grade school.  He went on to play Sousaphone through high school, and was rewarded a “Who’s Who” recognition award for advanced high school musicians.  While at school during lunch he would go to the band room and play the drums, and became quite a good drummer.  RizSMITH would then go on to be in several different bands as a singing drummer.  After singing behind the drums for a few months, RizSMITH’s voice caught on, and bandmates wanted him to front the band, and he did.  After a few nervous months fronting the band, he incorporated dance moves which launched his career.  He would go on to do several cruise ships and perform with several bands to later move to the state of Arizona where he currently resides.

The name RizSMITH was chosen to be Maurice Smith’s Recording artist name. Maurice Smith is a recording artist, movie producer and CEO of Koodbitroo Productions LLC.  Two of his songs landed in the top 100 Billboard & Cashbox magazines.  RizSMITH also produced music & music videos for the talk show aired from the U of I called “YouShow” with Kieth Chambers.

Having always been a fan of James Brown, RizSMITH put together “Working Hard“ a James Brown tribute in the year 2015, his “Workin’ Hard” tribute went international and he has been busy working in the Arizona Valley.
Other tributes performed by RizSMITH are: Prince, Morris Day, Ray Charles, Luther Vandross. RizSMITH is super versatile! He can perform virtually any genre convincingly.